What Is An Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes for young people aged 16 to 24. They give ambitious young people like you the chance to get out into the real world and start your career as soon as you’ve left school.

With an Apprenticeship you will have a real job from day one and be working towards qualifications whilst you are at work. This means that you will be learning essential skills directly relevant to the job you are doing, to a standard set by the industry itself.

So, what will you do as part of your Apprenticeship?

During your Apprenticeship you will receive training, both at work and at one of our training centres. The training will ultimately make you a skilled worker and will contribute to you gaining a number of qualifications. You will be regularly visited in the workplace by one of our assessors. They will make sure everything is going well and will help you work towards your qualifications.

There are four parts to an Apprenticeship:

  • National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) – achieved through the tasks you do at work, NVQs are proof of your ability and practical skills. There are also QCF qualifications which have replaced some NVQs
  • Key Skills – general skills that are used in every job, such as Communication and Application of Number.
  • Employment Rights and Responsibilities – a workbook for you to do to help you understand your rights and responsibilities as an employee, and your employer’s responsibilities towards you.

An Apprenticeship is equivalent to 5 GCSEs and includes an NVQ at Level 2. An Advanced Apprenticeship is equivalent to 2 A-Levels and includes an NVQ at Level 3. Advanced apprenticeships are often the next step on from an Apprenticeship, but you may be able to go straight into an Advanced Apprenticeship, depending on what qualifications and experience you already have.

How it works

Community Access Group offers vocational training for young people in a wide range of industries. We have connections with a number of companies so we can help you to find a job with training. We can help you with your CV, set up interviews with employers and make sure you get off to a good start on an Apprenticeship.

If you have learning difficulties we can also support you with Skills for Life tutoring. Skills for Life are the English and maths skills required to function in work, life and at leisure. They enable you to problem solve life’s challenges. These skills will prove invaluable in the workplace, these could include speaking and listening, taking accurate messages, writing letters to customers or balancing accounts.

We offer Apprenticeships and Advanced Apprenticeships in a wide range of industries, all of which will lead to really worthwhile careers. As you near the completion of your Apprenticeship, Community Access Group will ensure that you get the best advice on how to further progress your career. For example, we will offer you an impartial one-hour interview, which can provide information, advice and guidance in the form of an action plan to support your career progression.

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