What are Direct Payments?

How you can use Direct Payments is dependent on the individual assessment made by a member of a Local Authority. However, in general, people use Direct Payments for:

  • finding and training a personal assistant
  • paying the salary for your personal assistant
  • holiday and sickness pay for your personal assistant and emergency support cover
  • paying an agency to provide support for you
  • paying extra money to your personal assistant for weekend work, bank holidays or live in fees
  • paying for equipment (you must contact your council to discuss your requirements and you may have to submit the receipt for the item of equipment).

Direct Payments must be used to buy the support or care that you have been assessed as needing (in your Social Care Assessment), and not for medicines, other health services or to pay household bills.

If you choose to employ staff, you should ensure that you comply with the duties and obligations as an employer, including those relating to income tax, national insurance, employer’s liability insurance, public liability insurance, training and health and safety.

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