Community Access Group apprenticeship

Community Access Group (CAG) apprenticeship is a training programme which mixes learning with work and leads to you receiving a nationally-recognised qualification.

There are typically three elements to our manufacturing and engineering apprenticeships leading to a range of industry-recognised qualifications, including NVQs or Technical Certificates (BTEC or City and Guilds):

  • Practical
    Hands-on training delivered at either our centre in Derby, on-site at a place of work, or in partnership with a college local to you.
  • Theory
    Classroom time, to ensure that everything you learn is built on a foundation of an understanding of the relevant theory too.
  • Key Skills
    We provide key skills training where needed to help you improve in areas such as Maths, English and Science to give you the confidence you need in all areas of your apprenticeship.


Will I get paid?

You will always earn money when serving your apprenticeship, but how much depends on how old you are and the company you are serving your apprenticeship with.

Legally, employers have to pay you the national minimum wage rate for apprentices, but as your skills quickly develop, most employers will increase your wages to reflect how much contribution you are making to their business.

Research shows that on average, an apprentice can look to earn between £170 and £210 per week and, the even better news is, that over the course of your career, you can earn on average £100,000 more than someone without an apprenticeship*.

Depending on what it is that you want to do though, we can give you some idea of average hourly rates, giving you some peace of mind that you are earning a fair salary for the time.

How long do they last?

An apprenticeship can take up to a year depending on the skills you need to learn.

Sometimes, they can take a bit longer than this if you find some bits tricky, sometimes, a little bit shorter. Either way, CAG is there to support you all the way.

However, a typical apprenticeship runs over one year and may run as follows:

  • Term 1 – Workshop Classes
    These provide you with the practical and theory skills you need and are delivered at our purpose-built training centre in Derby or in partnership with a college local to you.
  • Term 2 & 3- Workplace
    Once you’ve hit the required standard, you then go into your company but only attend our training centre or your local college one day a week for theory based teaching.