Derby Health Centre

Our Role as a support organisation
CAG has delivered successfully in Derby city. The client group represented has a wide variety of ethnic representations this presented CAG with particular challenges. CAG actively recruited competent staff able to deliver services in ethnic minority languages. Furthermore, CAG employed translation services that were able to deliver high quality services at short notice.



CAG was initially presented with 285 Service Users and referrals were coming through via Derby Health Services and 85 services users from Children and Young People’s department funded Service Users.

CAG’s role involved:

Setting up Direct Payments via referral or self-referrals. The process involves. Contacting the service user arranging for a visit (consideration of special requirements). Within the initial visit our independent living advisor explained the role and how CAG would help them implement the service as a Direct Payment.


The following services are offered within the package

•Completion of all government forms on behalf of employees

•Requesting statutory payments to employee’s (Maternity/Sick pay etc)

•Calculation of Tax, National Insurance and any other statutory deductions



•    Registration with HMRC and help with insurance

•    Payroll set up and relevant schemes

•    Payslips for each employee

•    Notification of liability to HMRC (Tax and NI)

•    Full support service for all enquiries provided by a

•    24hour telephone support

•    Starter and leaver paperwork


The Community Access Group also offered in Derby free accredited courses to our Direct Payment users, however they were not part of the SLA these included:

Confidence building

Peer support with people in a similar position



Help with getting on-line

Help with sourcing the right equipment



Our SLA included the following metrics:

a) Client referrals and source

b) The amount of time taken for initial contact with Service User

c) The amount for initial service to begin

d) How many contacts to the Service from organisations and Service Users

e) How many active cases being managed (Name/Service User Group)

f)  Outcome of Contact eg.

• DP arranged with the Service User

• Service User Decline DP Support

h) Number of Service Users utilising the Payroll Service

i)  Number of Service Users utilising the Holding Account

j)  Number of Compliments and Complaints


CAG’s results


CAG successfully delivered the contract above delivering SLA’s on a quarterly basis to the contracting body. The overall delivery of the service currently stands at a fantastic 97% accuracy with 3% being dropped through telephone answering. The introduction of IP phones and 24hours manned service will help to minimise the net fall and increase customer satisfaction.


The satisfactory delivery of the contract meant that CAG was offered prime delivery of the Brokerage scheme throughout Derby. This means that CAG is now involved with both Direct Payments and


The service provided by Community Access Group are guided by the following principles:


Promoting the independence, choice, dignity, privacy, respect and participation of clients and their Carers

Acknowledging and respecting a client’s gender, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental health ability, race, religion, culture, social background and lifestyle. Promoting Service User choice, and seeking to maximise the autonomy of the client to have the optimum control over their own lives and the Service provided.