The Work Programme

What is the Work Programme?

In June 2010, the Government announced a radical reform of the way welfare to work services would be delivered in the future. The Work Programme consolidates and replaces many of the existing programmes delivered by providers such as A4e and Ingeus.

The main changes in approach are:

  1. introducing larger and longer term contracts for providers;
  2. a single programme for customers with earlier access for some people after 6 months of unemployment and inclusion of young people;
  3. a move to differential pricing with more money for the harder to help; and
  4. payment for outcomes using the savings from the revised approach to benefit payments to fund long term sustainable jobs (1, 2 and 3 years).

The Community Access Group was happy to partner with A4e to develop its delivery framework in these challenging times. CAG is involved in developing and delivering high quality employability provision.

CAG have partnered to deliver specialist interventions in both Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire . Below are some of the courses we currently deliver for our partners.

  1. Basic Skills Support
  2. ESOL Support
  3. Job brokerage & work placements, work trials & work experience
  4. Professional networking, training & job brokerage
  5. Soft Skills Support
  6. Family Support
  7. Housing Support
  8. Lone parent induction and support programme
  9. Sector-Specific Routeways
  10. Transport Services
  11. Vocational skills training
  12. Volunteering opportunities & placements

We have a full range of professional accredited delivered through Edexcel and EDI, if you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us using the link CONTACT US LINK