The Community Access Group is achieving fantastic success in its program delivery. This is only down to the hard work and determination of our staff who are dedicated in providing excellent quality service delivery.

CAPayroll and CABudgets

CAPayroll and CABudgetshas been operating for over 6 years our service has seen some dramatic growth and is now been introduced to service users across the country. Our innovative approach has been applied to this area of service delivery and is now being used by over 658 happy service users over all over the country.

This has been mostly been down to customers wanting our services, this proves that our team is doing a fantastic job and will continue to do so in the future.


In the area of education CAG has helped to establish a community education centre and dispensary service in Asia the service currently helps around 400 to 500 users inĀ  a month and has trained in excess of 900 customers in its 3 year history.

The training centre was specifically setup to help disadvantaged women and their families escape from abusive families. In doing so we provide a safe and nurturing environment allowing the families to recover and start to rebuild their shattered lives. CAG intends to continue supporting the centre using donations from the public and surpluses that are generated through our service delivery programmes.