Benefits Of Staff Training

The chance to follow a recognised development path enhances the employee proposition.

If the programme has a positive effect on retention then there will be a direct impact on your company’s profitability. Typically employee replacement costs range between £2,000 and £10,000 per individual -which does not include the loss in revenues that comes from having a new member of staff as opposed to an experienced one; therefore the true replacement costs are much higher.

The benefits of having a stable and engaged workforce are well documented. Improving people’s competence to do their job typically improves productivity which flows directly to improvements on the bottom line.

Skills and professional development are a key part of any employee engagement strategy. An NVQ Accreditation programme will provide a particularly strong framework to deliver this, as those involved in the programme will receive a nationally recognised qualification that has real currency.

Below are some of the comments from people who have been through one of our NVQ programmes:

“Its increasing my self esteem by me feeling more confident about my job role.”

“I learnt how to manage difficult customers.”

“My course helped me to become more goal orientated and I recently got a promotion.”

“By moving onto a higher award my confidence has increased dramatically.”

“I’m more effective with my time-management.”

If you have a workforce training requirement

If you have a workforce training requirement, we would love to work with you.

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