Learner Journey

As a learner, you naturally want to know what to expect from your learning programme. Here you will find key information about the process and the guidance we offer you throughout your journey.

Getting In

Before you start we will help you to making the correct choice of programme for your needs. Based on your existing skills and future goals, we can recommend which qualification is right for you.

right for you.
We will also assess any individual needs you may have. If you have additional learning or physical requirements, the Community Access Group team will support you to remove any barriers between you and the successful achievement of your qualification. We also want you to enjoy it!

Getting On

During the programme, your dedicated assessor will be available any time you need them. They will also schedule in regular meetings with you to record your progress and answer any questions you have. They can point you in the right direction to keep you on course by giving you expert advice or showing you where to get any information that may be useful to you.

Moving On

When your programme has been completed and you have your qualification under your belt, your assessor will help you make sense of the options open to you. You can discuss your future aspirations and get practical suggestions about how best to attain them with your newly-accredited skills, or by advancement through further programmes.

For every learner on a journey to achievement with, Community Access Group the focus is all about you. You will be given the opportunity to feed back to us how you think you are progressing and even what you think of the programme in general. Whether done formally or informally, your feedback will be treated with the greatest of respect and help us to make your learning journey the best possible experience for you and all of our learners.