Managed Accounts

In line with our philosophy, the Community Access Group provides support to enable service users to manage their direct payment packages independently. However, we recognize that this may be difficult for some people for a variety of reasons. The Community Access Group can offer a managed account to service users if they need this service.

Some people may choose to have managed account, not because of any difficulty but because this is how they wish to operate their Direct Payment. The Community Access Group can also offer a managed account in this circumstance.

The Community Access Group manages the finances whilst the service user remains in charge of the services they receive and the way in which their services are delivered.

Following discussion with the service user or the Local Authority, all agreed outgoings will be paid by the Community Access Group on behalf of the service user.

We have a separate bank account in the name of the Community Access Group for processing Direct Payments/ILF money. Although funds for all the service users on managed accounts are deposited into the same bank account, we maintain an accounting system that enables us to produce a statement of Receipts and Payments for each service user. A statement of account is provided to service users and/or the Local Authority as required.

Service Users who are in receipt of services from an Agency or Day Service can use a managed account to pay for their agency/day care. Managed Accounts can also be used by service users for making payments to their Personal Assistants, insurance company, the Inland Revenue etc.

Currently, some Local Authorities prefer to pay for the managed account separately on behalf of the service user whereas others have included the payment within the Direct Payment itself.

The cost for the service is available on request.

Managed Account Service

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