Our Employers Commitment

At Community Access Group our mission is to support Employers ensuring that your workforce receives the correct training, learning and support. Our support is firmly based upon the needs of individual organisations. At Community Access Group we always look to innovate, exploiting new technology for the benefit of employers so that we deliver employer-led programmes that enhance the workforce.

The standards of services that you can expect from us are:

  • to provide a personalised service with tailored and flexible solutions to individual needs
  • to provide a professional approach with delivery within agreed timescales
  •  to receive clear, effective and useful information and support promptly and effectively
  • ‘ to ensure your employee(s) is working in a clean, safe environment
  •  At the start of your employees’ programme you will receive:
  • ‘ your employees’ Individual Learning Plan in order to track progress

During your employees’ programme we will provide:

  • experienced and qualified staff to deliver a well prepared and up-to-date programme
  • flexible learning and a range of learning techniques which are appropriate to individual needs
  • ‘ regular appointments to review and assess your employees’ progress, setting smart targets for further learning
  • ‘ the opportunity for you to feedback on our services
  •  On your employees’ completing their programme you will receive:
  • ‘ employees’ with enhanced skills and a fully recognised qualification
  • ‘ employees with increased morale
  • ‘ the opportunity for employee(s) to progress further onto our higher qualifications within their chosen vocational area
  • ‘ the opportunity for you to assist in training additional employees in their chosen vocational areas