Payroll services

CAPayroll Services will manage your payroll needs leaving you to concentrate on what really matters your Independence.

Community Access group take care of your payroll administration calculating tax national insurance and providing payslips, we’ll also pay directly into your employee’s bank account. Not to mention dealing with all HM Revenue and Customs correspondence.

Community Access Group is a not for profit organisation which supports people to live independently in their own homes. Our payroll staff gives practical, no nonsense advice and have tailored payroll services to give you, the service users, as much or as little help as possible. We are completely independent of social services and therefore can offer impartial advice.

Why Choose CAPayroll

CAPayroll is a trading arm of a registered charity so rest assured all profits will be going on good causes including helping people who are disabled have a better life. We understand the user’s needs and work tirelessly to create a bespoke solution that is as unique as you are!

We provide for FREE for those service users who choose us

  • Help with getting online
  • Financial support for a break
  • Help with sourcing the right equipment
  • Job searching and Placement scheme
  • Budgeting
  • Confidence building
  • Networking with people in a similar position.

Services we offer

We can help you find and recruit a P.A
The paFinder service helps individuals who are looking to employ a Personal Assistant to find someone for them to employ. The service gives advice on employing staff for the first time, managing staff and the training available for Personal Assistants.

PAs attend an induction and interview where their ID is verified. They are then placed on the PA Finder register.

What do you get from this service

  • writing and placing an advert
  • application sifting
  • invitation to interview letters
  • interviewing candidates
  • successful candidate letter
  • CRB support
  • Contract of employment
  • Price for all of the above services £73.25 inclusive of VAT

Services we provide

  • CAPayroll is a tailored solutions provider we pride ourselves in providing a complete service to the best standards. Our standard payroll includes:
  • Registration with HMRC and help with insurance
  • Payroll set up and relevant schemes
  • Payslips for each employee
  • Notification of liability to HMRC (Tax and NI)
  • Full support service for all enquiries provided by a
  • 24hour call centre
  • Starter and leaver paperwork
  • Completion of all government forms on behalf of employees
  • Requesting statutory payments to employee’s
  • (Maternity/Sick pay etc)
  • Calculation of Tax, National Insurance and any other
  • statutory deductions.

What we charge for a typical Payroll run

We only charge: £5.50 + VAT per run We will complete a payroll for up to 10 employees For £50 +VAT we will file your end of year Tax returns. The payroll run is completed on a weekly, fortnightly or on a monthly basis and is tailored to suit your needs.

What our clients say

“Before going with CAPayroll we looked long and hard at a number of different companies in the market place and I went with CAPayroll because their staff and systems seemed more intuitive and user friendly than most” Sarah MacKenzie, Derby

“CAPayroll gave us flexibility they to tailored their service to our requirements. Plus they are always friendly and easy-to-use – I have 100% satisfaction!!” Kate Coulson, Derby

“We use CAPayroll as our Direct Payments payroll manager and chose CAPayroll for the flexible benefits as it’s specifically designed to cope with the challenges of running a Payroll scheme. We’ve been hugely impressed with the responsiveness of the CAPayroll team and the flexibility of the system to meet our requirements” Jasvider Mann, Nottingham

“Your payroll service is simply wonderful. We used do our own payroll, this was both time consuming and very irksome. Working with CAPayroll has not only saved us a huge amount of time, it has also saved us money!” Mohammad Afsar, Nottingham

“We highly recommend the CAPayroll Services. During the past 6 years of managing our payroll we have found them to be extremely efficient, very cost effective and highly approachable on any employment legislations” Simon Powel, Burton