What are my main responsibilities as an employer?

Thinking about all of this and becoming an employer can feel a bit overwhelming and there are bits of law and legislation that you will need to comply with.

As care plans can vary from individual to individual, you will have different responsibilities depending on how many hours assistance you require and the kind of support you need. You will also have different responsibilities depending on whether you employ your own staff, use self employed workers or use an agency.

In general, responsibilities of an employer are:

  • Payment of wages
  • Tax and National Insurance
  • Data protection – This means you must keep personal information about your employees safely and securely
  • Health & Safety – As an employer, you will have a common law duty of care for your staff. What this means is, you, as an employer, will be responsible for your staffs’ health and safety while they are at work.
  • Treat your employees fairly

You may choose to use a Payroll Support Service, such as Community Access Group’s to help you manage the administration of your payroll.

Please click here to find out more about Community Access Group’s Payroll Support Service.

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